Product Feature Chart

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Template Manager
supports labels, envelopes, business cards, postcards, flyers and can be customized
Aerocut Only
Aerocut Only
Unlimited PDF Page Output
Graphic Support: PDF, PSD, TIFF, PNG, EPS, PS, BMP
Import Data (merging of delimited data files or multi-page PDF split and imposed)
1D and 2D Barcode Generation
(3of9, IMDb, QRCode, etc.)
IMDb Only
IMDb Only
Text Editor and Spell Checker
Data Driven Images (image name in data file)
Incremental Counters & Numbering

(5th toner/ink)
Logic Driven Image, Text Wizard

(If, then, else)
Advanced Data

Smart Layout Assistant
Multipage PDF Input

(Job Built from multi-page PDF)
Data Driven Charts & Graphs

(Pie, Stacked, Line, ….)
Advanced Forms Drawing including OMR/Bubble Forms
Advanced Variable Building, Calculations, Data Transforms
Lights Out Job Automation
Hot Folder Input and Output
PDF output splitting/Custom PDF Naming